and vision

AMPLIFY is a collective of community-driven organizations collaborating to create a community-based alternative to traditional development scale.  Focused on building agentic capacity in girls, AMPLIFY utilizes intentional collaboration to share best practices, develop community driven metrics and create large scale joint advocacy campaigns in order to accentuate the unparalleled impact that community-driven organizations have in transforming the lives of adolescent girls.

AMPLIFY’s mission is to AMPLIFY the voices, work and impact of local organizations focused on the power and potential of adolescent girls. We do this by strengthening organizational efficiencies, creating opportunities for collaborative learning, building evidence, and engaging in global policy and practice fora.   AMPLIFY’s work as a collective learning and development hub seeks to build more effective organizations  -- ones that are able to better communicate to a wider array of prospective donors and work together to create broader impact in eastern Africa



AMPLIFY is rooted in the belief that local community organizations are extremely effective in establishing long-term sustainable change. These organizations have the experience and tools to successfully deliver holistic programs and are uniquely positioned to collaborate with community leaders, families, girls and other decision makers. Community-based organizations are achieving results, evidenced by the emergence of some of Africa’s most vulnerable girls from local programs as confident, well-educated and dynamic leaders.

AMPLIFY is sharing best practices, has developed metrics focused on agency for adolescent girls, and is delivering programming that best serves young women in their communities. Our work together provides high quality services to adolescent girls and an alternative to traditional development scale.

What do we mean when we say an alternative to scale?

We believe that an alternative vision for scale is to focus on the outcome, not the activities. We know that our partners are delivering services that provide agency for adolescent girls. If this is the case, then why do we need to control the process? Why not respect that each community and leader knows what is best for the young women and communities they serve.

AMPLIFY envisions its work will create a different development narrative -- one that recognizes that localized approaches offer the best solutions for adolescent girls, and that ‘scale’ must be re-imagined within a local framework. AMPLIFY will serve as a model of how this can be accomplished. By shifting the narrative, and building a new paradigm, that is rooted in proven results, AMPLIFY hopes to create a dialogue between funders and organizations that is rooted in partnership and helps donors recognize that localized approaches and local organizations can deliver the most comprehensive set of services and lasting change for adolescent girls.